Cricketers remember Gilly Mundy

From the Warwick Courier - 20 July 2007

Cricketers remember Gilly Mundy
Pub regulars raise more than £600 at Victoria Park match

Two teams from the Tachbrook Road pub met at Victoria Park for their annual Dave Reeve Memorial Trophy match, this year in aid of the Gilly Mundy foundation - after the anti-racism activist who died earlier this year.

The 'A' side batted first and made 111 from their 20 overs. Biram brothers Narinder and Babs made 25no and 24no respectively before making way and Babs Kandola was also undefeated on 25 at the finish.

Replying, Wheatsheaf 'B' were dismissed for 106, having needed a six off the final two balls.

Jetty Kang made 25no and Manny Sahota hit 23. Mundeep Dhaliwal took four of the wickets.

Organiser Bally Sangra thanked everyone who helped make the day such a success.


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