Memorable Tunes

A radio player has been added to the blog so that you can share some of the tunes that bring back special memories of Gilly.

If you want to add your own tunes, e-mail kevin [at] with a tune in MP3 format, or stick them on a disk and give them to me when I see you.

Once your track is up, please click on the 'comments' link at the bottom of this post and say why your tune has a particular significance.

You can also click on Pop-Up on the radio player to keep it on your screen and to carry on listening whilst you are doing something else.

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If you want to download the two tracks that were played at Gilly's funeral in MP3 format, click here [warning: file is 13.3Mb]

Tunes Added:

Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus: Jah Got the Whole Word in HIs Hands
Contributed 23 March 2007 by: Tippa, 4WardEver Campaign

Bally Jagpal: Jatti (With A Lighter)
Contributed 23 March 2007 by: Kevin, for everyone who remembers Monega Mansions

Blondie: Rapture and Gorillaz: Dare (DFA Remix)
Contributed 24 March 2007 by: Estelle

Laid Back: White Horse
Contributed 24 March 2007 by: Richard

Nitin Sawhney: Sunset
Contributed 26 March 2007 by: Alex and Anita

DJ Swami: Desi Rock
Contributed 26 March 2007 by: Sonia and George

U2: Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Club Mix)
Contributed 26 March 2007 by: Mark

Hall & Oates: I Can't Go For That and Stevie Wonder: Always
Contributed 29 March 2007 by: Kevin

Richard Cheese: Fight for your Right to Party, Merz: Warm Cigarette Room and Ojos de Brujo: Rememorix
Contributed 29 March 2007 by: Chris

UB40 - Present Arms, The Congos - Fisherman (Dub Colossus Remix), Max Romeo - One Step Forward, Marlene Johnson - Your Face (Original Mix), Radioactive Man - Uranium (Original Mix) and Yabby You - Undivided World (12 in)
Contributed 5 April 2007 by: Debbie

The Fog vs Chicken Lips - Been A Long Time Since I Had Smirnoff Ice and Cassius - La Mouche (Played Live By Dj Falcon)
Contributed 3 May 2007 by: Phil


Tippa Naphtali said...

I chose this track because it typifies what Gilly stood up for in all the time I knew him. I didn't know him that well really, we met at meetings, court hearings and events; but nevertheless one could sense his honesty and integrity - he had the whole world in his hands.


Kevin said...

The Bally Jagpal tune, which we all knew simply as 'Lighter, Lighter', was a tape from one of the shops on Green Street.

I can remember a time when we would play it around at Monega Mansions, rewind the tape and then play it again and again. I can remember people dancing to it whilst standing on top of one of the big speakers Gilly had in his front room. Honestly, everyone danced when this came on. It was our anthem and I still love it.


Estelle du Boulay said...

Blondie: Rapture

From a film night round at Kevin's in 2006 when everyone was sitting around with a mental blank on the name of this song going " from mars, eat guitars...WHAT IS IT??"

We had to ring friends to try and get it... Gilly got it eventually - relief!

Estelle du Boulay said...

Dare: Gorillaz DFA Remix

Remembering the energy on the dance floor when this was played late in the night at Gilly & Debbie's house party last year :-)

Mark Blowe said...

U2's Myterious Ways reminds me of Gilly because I kind of introduced him to the idea of U2 dance mixes and lent him a CD of all the versions of this song. That was back in 1998 when I started coming up to London regularly to stay with my brother and went to most of the parties at his house and at the rehearsal studios on Hackney Road.

In 1999 when my brother was away in India over the New Year, I came to London and I will never forget how Gilly really looked after me the whole evening. My heart goes out to all of his family and friends.

Kevin Blowe said...

The Hall & Oates track is one that Gilly and I never agreed on. I think it's 80s cheese (with an extra topping of cheese) and said so - often! But he loved it.

'Always' was played at the funeral (I'm not sure what the other track was) and is just a great song.

Kevin Blowe said...

Some of you might remember a few of the tracks I added initially, from parties and club nights.

But 'Woman of the Ghetto', 'Concrete Schoolyard' and 'Three is the Magic Number' are just three of the tunes that Gilly and I always used to listen to in the car on the way to INQUEST, whilst 'Disco Cop' is a daft track that we both ordered at the same time from Hard to Find Records in Birmingham.

'Come Together' just seems appropriate in so many ways.