Gilly's diverse musical taste

Posted on behalf of Vic Singh

Some clips of music I shared with Gilly….its a bit dominated by Oasis, but shows how diverse his music taste was. Sums up a lot of our times, and things we did in Preston and East Ham.

The first, Yeh Dosti, is from the film Sholay, and was one we all used to jump around to, at weddings when drunk.

The next was just a session song - Champagne Supernova

This one Gilly liked 'cos of the lyrics - Masterplan

He loved the next because of the beat and instrumental solo - D'ya Know What I Mean?

Wonderwall we used to sing when drunk……again loved the lyrics…

The last is just what I need to hear when I’m feeling low at the moment, and may help others: Stop Crying Your Heart Out

This song apparently is a concert Gilly and his bro went to in Delhi…….a chap called Rabbi Shergill...

Bulla Ki Jaana Maen Kaun / Bulla Ki Jaana Maen Kaun Live

New Delhi, India listens to Rabbi Shergill

Punjabi singer Rabbi Shergill in concert in New Delhi, India

Vic Singh

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