About our brother Gilly Mundy

In the end, it’s not simply the number of years in a life that counts, but the amount of life that is packed into those years.

As a campaigner and activist, Gilly Mundy, who died suddenly on 17 March 2007 aged only 36, managed to cram so much into his own life and touch the lives of so many others that it is almost too painful to imagine what more he could have achieved. He had supported the victims of racist violence in east London, as a caseworker for the Newham Monitoring Project (NMP), and worked for the Lawrence Family Campaign during the inquiry into Stephen Lawrence’s murder. As the senior caseworker for INQUEST, the charity that advises bereaved people and their lawyers following contentious deaths, he helped hundreds of families who had lost loved ones in police and prison custody. And through Conscious Clubbing, he helped organise music events to raise money for the causes he supported.

But most of all, Gilly had a rare gift that made him so special: the ability to connect on a personal level, quietly and generously, with absolutely everyone he met. It was a talent that made him so important to those he supported in his work and so loved by his wife Debbie, his family and the huge number of friends who now grieve for him.

Big man, we're all going to miss you terribly...


Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever met Gilly. But I send my deepest condolences to his family and friends who will miss him.

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